Featured WFH Chairs

8,378 Incl. GST

High Back Chairs

Helix High Back Mesh Chair

23,570 Incl. GST
17,599 Incl. GST
14,401 Incl. GST
6,359 Incl. GST
13,500 Incl. GST

High Back Chairs

Optima High Back Mesh Chair

28,206 Incl. GST
7,825 Incl. GST
17,599 Incl. GST
16,405 Incl. GST
57,042 Incl. GST
9,639 Incl. GST

Featured WFH Tables

WFH Tables

Nexus Study Table

4,850 Incl. GST

Computer Tables

Slick Executive Table

6,045 Incl. GST
10,889 Incl. GST
8,244 Incl. GST

WFH Tables

Embark Study Table

4,815 Incl. GST
42,095 Incl. GST
5,493 Incl. GST

Height Adjustable Tables

Elevate Height Adjustable Table

18,595 Incl. GST
14,895 Incl. GST

New WFH Arrivals

9,639 Incl. GST
10,998 Incl. GST

WFH Tables

Nexus Study Table

4,850 Incl. GST
10,889 Incl. GST
17,599 Incl. GST
17,599 Incl. GST

Open Storage

Storage 90 Open Shelf

3,698 Incl. GST
5,144 Incl. GST

New Living Arrivals

16,126 Incl. GST

Living Fabric Chair

Jennifer Fabric Lounge Chair

13,044 Incl. GST

Living Leatherette Chair

Tucson Leatherette Lounge Chair

12,017 Incl. GST

Living Tables

Hobbit Side Table

8,525 Incl. GST
9,449 Incl. GST
5,546 Incl. GST
8,833 Incl. GST

Living Tables

Arthur Low Side Table

7,299 Incl. GST


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Incorporated in 1965 Featherlite is one of the leading furniture manufacturing organisation in India today, providing complete office furniture solutions for all segments of market through its strong base of direct and franchisee offices present across 62 locations in India.

Experts in Ergonomics, definers of space and passionate about design. For the last five decades, Featherlite has taken inspiration from contemporary aesthetic movements to re-imagine office spaces. Now, redesign your home with our highly modular, work from home range.